Tuesday, January 22, 2008

My opinions for Project Cush .

Project Crush is a very educational lesson which teachs us of the risk and dangers of Online risks and also about the Online scams , Pornography , Scams , spam mails , hoaxes , viruses . I have learned that Porn is bad for your mind it will corrupt and your dirty your mind pictures and videos . And about the online risks about chainmails which sometime can lead to scams . There are also impersonators who scams the money of many , they usually asks for cash to be transfered into their account . And those chainmails , they used it to forward to people so that those who forwarded it , will be spamed , spamed , spamed or even send viruses to us . So we better be careful of this threats . There are also fake sites (e.g Hate sites , fake sites. )
When people give fake infomation about people or things. People who see and believes it will give FURTHER FAKE infomation to other people and soon there will be rumours and news about it . I enjoyed project crush as it is a fun lesson and i learned about interesting things like scammers etc . They teached us how to surf the internet SAFELY and efficiently .

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