Friday, January 11, 2008

My Personal Opinions about TKSS values and Teachers

There are alots of values in TKSS Ability To Succeed , Ingenuity , Integrity , Loyalty , Charity . Lets talk about Ability to Succeed first , ability to succeed is to have perserverance in whatever u do and strife on the particular term. Ingenuity , is about being Ingenious . Integrity is about the quality of being honest and being morally upright . Loyalty is to support Tanjong Katong to the fullest to the end regardless of high and lows . Charity, is about helping those in need and to give and share . Overall i feel that the teachers in TK have good values and have a caring heart for every student in TK . I have never regretted studying in TKSS since its the best choice I have made in my life . Thank You Tanjong Katong Secondary School .

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