Friday, January 11, 2008

TK Learning Enviroment

Today, TK continues to provide its students with an academic curriculum that is rigorous and CCA programmes that unleash the potential within the students. The school believes in honing the skills in student leadership and reaching out to the community.In addition what makes TK unique is the spirit of excellence that exists especially in the CCAs. The spirit of camaraderie within each CCA, the competition between CCAs and the desire that they always want to be the best are very strong. This is what makes the school an extremely vibrant place. There are a lot of other events and programmes that are taking place that add to its vibrancy. This vibrant learning environment has contributed to the development of students' potential and helped them soar to greater heights. Another key element that accounts for the success of TK is close partnership with its stakeholders. TK works closely with former TK students, parents and the community partners. Together with TK, these stakeholders often value-add and contribute to the programmes of TK.
School Excellence Model
As TK steps into the 21st Century, the school is also aware of the challenges and changing needs of a rapidly changing world. TK has used the SEM framework, introduced by the Ministry of Education, to improve on her holistic approach to education and to help equip the students for the challenges of the new century. The SEM is used to help TK sustain a vibrant learning environment that will help both staff and students to be creative, innovative and resourceful.
Over the next five years the school will work towards achieving 6 strategic thrusts.
TK's 6 Strategic Thrusts1. Academic Innovation & Excellence2. CCA & Holistic Health 3. Character and Student Leadership Development 4. Staff Resource Management and Development 5. Stakeholders as Strategic Partners 6. Administrative and Operational Management Excellence

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